Amani Light Grey 90x90cm


Amani Light Grey


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Bodenfliese Roman Jade

  • Härte und Verschleißfestigkeit: Hoch
  • MOHS Härte: Stufe 4 bis 5
  • Wasserabsorption-0,3%
  • Dichte: Hoch
  • Dehnungsfestigkeit: Hoch
  • Flexulal Modulus-30mpa, nicht leicht zu brechen
  • Hart, leicht zu verarbeiten
  • Stabile Versorgung
  • Einfach zu reinigen

Precious Beauty
Amani Grey is a kind of light grey marble from Veneto, Italy. Veneto is definitely the most important center of Verona’s extraction and processing of marble throughout northern Italy.The textures of Amani Grey stand the test of time, so simple and so elegant that they belong not so much to the past as to the future, with a seamless continuity in their natural quality and sinuous harmony. Blending purity with luxury, aesthetic are developed through colours,finishes and sizes of Amani Grey that allow each furnishing project to be customized with original, appealing solutions. It is designed for residential interiors, living rooms, and for commercial settings like shops, hotels and restaurants.